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Digital projection is changing rapidly. New applications and technologies are creating more effcient, powerful, and intelligent projectors. As the world leader in both LED lighting and UHP projector lamps, we have been at the forefront of projector technology with award-winning innovations for over 25 years. And now, our latest HLD LED technology is set to revolutionize the projector market.

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Where brilliance meets intelligence - Philips HLD LED technology

HLD LED technology leads the way

Projector brightness is determined by two light source characteristics; the output and distribution of the light. Only a very narrow distribution can collimate the light rays into a controlled beam that brings full intensity to the imaging device. Normal LED projection has a broad light distribution so most of the LED light is lost, along with the required brightness. Our patented HLD LED technology combines multiple LEDs through a light tunnel into a very narrow beam. This creates an extremely bright point source that loses no light whatsoever to break the limits of LED brightness.
Benefits LED HDL technology

An unparalleled experience

HLD LED can enhance all kinds of applications where small etendue is crucial and high lumen density is a must have. From education to offce, home and simulation, it adds value to a wide variety of segments, thanks to new levels of brightness, color and incredible overall performance. On top of that our patented HLD LED

technology is easy on the eyes. Suitable for front projection and home entertainment to screenless TVs. If you’re looking for a high-performance, energy-effcient and a hassle-free system, HLD LED offers you a unique solution.


The benefits of HLD LED

  • incredible levels of brightness
  • superb color experience
  • future proof platform
  • instant on
  • new levels of resolution
  • more comfortable for the eyes
  • environmentally friendly
  • energy-effcient
  • completely maintenance-free
  • fexible design-in

Continuous innovation

We believe this next generation of LED light source will secure the future of projection, and we are committed to further develop this technology towards a smart, simple, build-in platform that will allow you to stay ahead of the changing needs of projection innovation.
Continuous innovation

25 years of brilliant innovations

25 years of brilliant innovations



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