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ColorSpark HLD LED

A unique, high-lumen-density LED light source for a variety of applications


As technology is changing rapidly in the lighting world – from conventional to solid-state light sources (LED) – we are seeing strong demand for LED-based etendue-critical applications. There are a number of reasons for this, not least because they deliver a high level of brightness and great colors, and are also environmentally friendly and safe in operation.

In this field Philips has invested heavily in a new LED technology called HLD LED ColorSpark. Thanks to this revolutionary new technology, we are now able to work around the ‘law of etendue’, with the result that we have a globally unique and competitive solution that can satisfy the growing market demand for solid-state LED light sources for a range of applications.

We believe that with HLD LED we can address a huge variety of applications, including medical applications, digital signage, general lighting, etc.


Philips ColorSpark HLD LED green module gives 4x more light than current LED technology, resulting in up to 3x more screen lumens.
ColorSpark HLD LED technology for bright, vibrant colors

How ColorSpark HLD LED works


Commercial LED-based projectors are limited in the brightness they produce, because of the way LEDs themselves work. The light they emit is not suited to the small imaging devices at the heart of modern projection systems. Increasing the output of the light isn’t the answer; instead, it’s about focusing that light more intently, and that’s what ColorSpark HLD LED technology does. By using a High-Lumen-Density rod, we can send more light to a smaller space than before, producing a brighter image and stronger color clarity.

Why ColorSpark HLD LED?

Fibre optics

Fiber-related applications

Fibers for all kinds of applications require a high-brightness light source to couple light on a small etendue, and in the medical field white light with a broad spectrum and gamut is essential. This is where our ColorSpark HLD LED offers great potential for increasing the light output to a lumen level never before available from a LED solution. As a result, we are able to increase substantially the opportunities and the range of addressable applications for our customers.


ColorSpark high brightness

High brightness with great colors is essential!


If your application requires great color reproduction with a high level of brightness then you have come to the right place! 

With ColorSpark HLD LED you can generate vivid, fascinating colors whilst at the same time enjoying a level of brightness that has never been possible before.

Various applications


ColorSpark HLD LED is a solution for various applications, where small etendue is crucial and high lumen density is a must have.

It adds value to a broad field of segments, due to it’s scalability in brightness, ease of installation and maintenance, and the overall performance.

Front projection
General lighting indoor
Home entertainment projection
General lighting outdoor


These are only a few examples. ColorSpark HLD LED is suitable for many more applications. If you want to know if it is suitable for your application please contact us. For more information on front projection please click the button below.

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