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    See how the world’s top lighting designers, architects and engineers are  beyond illumination. By sharing their visionary  thinking and landmark projects, we aim to inspire the next generation of practitioners  and build a community of excellence.

    The right balance.” 

    Jill Cody,

    Lighting designer, Dark Light Design

    Dejan Todorović



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    Antonio Cruz


    Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

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    Paul Gunawan

    Lighting designer

    Litac Consultant

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    Steven Rosen

    Lighting designer

    Available Light


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    Jonathan Groswasser


    Yashar Architects

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    Paulina Villalobos

    Lighting designer 


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    Amazing projects

    • Hercules Segers

      Hercules Segers

      Find out how LED projectors showed a mysterious artist’s work in a unique light.

    • Musée d'arts

      Musée d'arts

      See how light gave a historic museum a fresh feel.