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    Learn about the lighting design profession and lighting disciplines. Enjoy our range of Philips webinars, educational resources and inspirational content for students and young professionals.

    Webinars and trends

    Fundamental and Inspirational Light

    Attend this webinar to understand the role of light in human activities. Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera, a lighting designer with 20+ years’ experience and Associate Principle of FMS.


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    Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

    Join this webinar to learn how lighting effects and controls are becoming integral factors for enhancing the architecture of a venue with Stacie Dinwiddy, Senior Associate at KGM Architectural Lighting.

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    Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

    Attend this webinar to understand some of the nuances of human complexity and how we can design accordingly. Presented by Linus Lopez, Partner at Lirio Lopez Electrical + Lighting Design Consultants.


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    Discussions and workshops

    Co-Create Session


    Listen to eight lighting designers and artists discuss their passions for lighting architecture, visions for its future and technology’s influence on their work.


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    The shape of lighting
    to come


    How can real-time data drive co-creation? Visionary architects, lighting designers and architectural lighting magazine editor share key findings from this Pioneers of light debate on IoT. 

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    Lighting Design Trends  in 2018s

    Lighting Design Trends
    in 2018s


    Hear from lighting designers from around the world as they predict what will be the biggest trends in lighting design in 2018.

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    Basics of light

    Lighting theory essentials

    What are the most important elements of lighting design? This selection of short videos covers what you need to know.



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    LED essentials

    How does LED work? What are the benefits of LED? How can you apply LEDs to benefit people’s health? Learn all about the basics of LED in these short videos.

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    Controls essentials

    Want to learn about the basics of lighting controls, and the various types of controls used across different applications? Explore this series of short videos.


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    Pioneers of light

    Randy Burkett 

    Lighting designer 

    Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc. 

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    Galina Zbrizher

    Lighting designer 

    Total Lighting Solutions 


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    Kas Oosterhuis



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