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    Smart cities:
    connected urban infrastructure

    Defining future cities


    Public lighting has always played an important role in cities, but now with LED and connected lighting it can fulfill its role as never before. By digitizing and connecting traditional street lighting, cities can deliver the right light when and where needed, optimize operations, save money, and help people feel safer and more comfortable.


    But the value of digitized public lighting doesn’t stop there. As part of the IoT environment, the connected street lighting infrastructure can become an enabling platform for smart city applications, hosting sensor networks and wireless communications for smart parking, noise and air quality monitoring, incident detection, and more (Learn more about these smart cities initiatives). Because street lighting is already installed throughout the city, a connected system can serve as an integration point for many other city services.


    We’ve gathered resources on these pages to demonstrate how the integration of connected lighting with data collection and analysis can transform your city into a smart city.  

    Learn more about how to define future cities

    • Digital backbone: The role of public lighting

      Digital backbone: The role of public lighting

      While the challenges and complexity of cities can be daunting, innovations exist today that can make transformative changes to cultural and economic paradigms.

    • The power of digital technology

      The power of digital technology

      Philips Lighting and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed citizens and business executives to assess the progress of cities adopting smart technologies.

    • Harnessing the IoT as a smart city ecosystem

      Harnessing the IoT as a smart city ecosystem

      SAP SE and Philips Lighting are teaming up and delivering on their vision for smarter cities by...

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