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    Electromagnetic Compatibility
    & Wireless Connectivity lab

    From workbench and (pre-)compliance to accredited EMC testing, our well-equipped facilities will suit your needs. We support you in building quality into your designs efficiently. Our experts know a wide range of standards, making sure your product complies and is safe to use in all required conditions.


    Furthermore we can fulfill your need for robust, small and cost-effective wireless connections by our unique set of RF engineering expertise that includes antenna design, interaction modeling, and robustness testing.

    1,500 m3 facilities at your service
    • 10-m semi-anechoic room
    • Two 3-m semi-anechoic rooms
    • Fully anechoic room (also for antenna tests)
    • Reverberation chamber (> 80 MHz)
    • G-TEM cell
    • 12 shielded rooms
    Service scope
    Electromagnetic Compatibility & Wireless Connectivity lab delivers profound and accurate testing, consultancy and certification in the fields of:

    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • Wireless approbation
    • Wireless robustness (multipath performance, total radiated power, antenna diagrams)
    • Electrical Safety
    Certification & pre-compliance testing
    The Electromagnetic Compatibility & Wireless Connectivity lab offers a comprehensive range of EMC and Electrical Safety compliance testing services to enable product release and market introduction of electrical and electronic products according to European standards (EN), United States standards (FCC, ANSI), and other international standards (IEC, CISPR, ETSI). To serve the product design community, we also offer precompliance testing and simulation services.

    Meet our experts

    Your technical contact

    Mario van Munster
    Assistant EMC & E-Safety
    Phone: +31 6 43 84 24 46

    Your general contact

    Wouter Maes 
    Business Development Manager
    Phone: +31  621803700