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A different way of Reliability Testing - HALT


Are you sure that your product design is good enough, will it perform in a proper way during lifetime? HALT testing is a way of design verification testing which is fast in relation to traditional test methods. It reveals failure mechanisms in a few days instead of weeks or months.


The Reliability Lab part of Philips Innovation Labs gives easy access to their HALT testing facility and equipment. The HALT engineer has the expertise to support our customers in the execution of the HALT test and gives advice to get the best and maximum result of HALT testing.


HALT stands for Highly Accelerated Life Testing. This test method will be used during the product development to detect weak elements in the design of the product. This type of testing results in a more robust product. It is a proven method of shortening the time-to-market period and a much smaller chance of early product failures. This results in lower costs, labor and you can achieve a high customer satisfaction by releasing robust products with a high quality standard.


HALT testing is based on stressing your product by means of different parameters. A HALT test is based on the following tests: 


  1. Temperature Step Testing: determination of the lowest and highest operational temperature
  2. Rapid Temperature Cycling; The product is submitted to fast temperature changes with boundary conditions determined at Temperature Step Testing
  3. Vibration Step Testing: The product is submitted to a increasing vibration level till the products fails in relation to the operational functionality
  4. Combined Testing: a combination of the test described above
  5. Destructive Testing: determination of the lower and higher destructive temperature and the destructive vibration level
Meet the expert Toine Bazelmans

Your technical contact

Marc Kuilder 
Technologist, Reliability Lab 
Phone: +31 6 11 00 06 64

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883