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Does your product like the sun?


Did you ever come across questions like: Will the transparent cover of the LED modules colorize because of sunlight? Is this electrical housing build of the right materials to withstand the effects of changing weather? Will this painted surface withstand the impact of UV light and rain?


The impact could exist of colorization (see image below of a partly exposed plate), fading, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, gloss loss, strength loss and embrittlement. Therefore, it should be considered to execute a solar test for any material that is exposed to natural or artificial sunlight during lifetime. With solar/ weathering tests it is possible to produce the impact of sunlight on materials in several days, weeks where testing under environmental conditions takes years.

Solar test colors

The tests can be executed for both indoor and outdoor applications. The irradiance levels are variable and the spectral energy distribution is changeable by the use of filters. Other important controllable test parameters which could be influencing the degradation of materials are temperature and wetting. Of course, we can help you to set up the right test for your product.


Also accelerated weathering tests of materials by a specific amount of UV-A or UV-B are possible. These are used to predict the relative durability of materials exposed to the outdoor environment. Rain and dew are simulated by a condensation system. The damaging effect of sunlight is simulated by fluorescent UV lamps.


We recently tested materials used for an outdoor application by means of a solar test at a specific temperature. Colorization and strength of the materials were measured during several read points. We were able to really visualize discolorations at different stages during the solar test by using our well-equipped photo studio. This was achieved by making pictures under exactly the same conditions in the dark-room of our photo studio. The customer learned before product launch that his chosen solution would not pass the predicted lifetime and changed his material.

Solar test

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