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Reliability lab  

Our Reliability lab gives easy access to cutting-edge expertise and the latest testing equipment, no investment needed.


Our extensive reliability services range from environmental simulation and Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) to mechanical testing and permeability testing. Ideal for your pre-qualification phase. Moreover, we easily team up with our colleagues from the Material Analysis lab to deliver a complete package in failure analysis needs. Our ready-to-use, fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions will shorten your product’s time-to-market and prevent expensive product recalls.

A complete package in reliability testing services

Environmental Simulation:
• High/Low Temperature
• Temperature & Humidity
• Power Temperature Cycling (PTC)
• Thermal Cycling
• Thermal Shock
• HAST / Corrosion Testing
• Solar / UV Simulation
In-Situ Test Service:
• LED Lifetime (Optical Output)
• Event Detection (Low Resistance)
• Monitor (I/V/L/R vs. Time)
Highly Accelerated Lifetime Test (HALT):
• HALT Test
• MEOST Test
Mechanical Test Service:
• Bump & Shock
• Drop Test & Free Fall (mechanical and simulation)
• Surface Affection
• Waterproof Pressure Test
• Drawbench & Tensile Test

Water Vapor Transmission Test (WVTR):

• Calcium Test on Thin-Film Barriers

If our broad range of 60 Reliability test cabinets can’t provide answers for your specific need, we can line-up adjacent test centers from our broad network of experts.

Meet our experts

Your technical contact

Marc Kuilder 
Technologist, Reliability Lab 
Phone: +31 6 11 00 06 64

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883