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Prototyping lab

Our prototyping experts support you with the realization of first-of-a-kind components and prototypes. With a broad and deep experiencein implementation methods, interface methods, application aspects and testability of components and systems, we can deliver quality prototypes fast (sometimes in hours).

Working with us, you do not need to worry about putting together extensive briefings. We are experienced in starting to work with only minimal specifications; a sketch and brief description mostly suffice. Moreover, we are flexible to develop with you as your concept matures.


Skilled and equipped

The Prototyping lab features a variety of subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques, addressing all your needs in mechanical and electronics prototyping. Our main processing machines are:

• Milling/turning, both conventional and CNC
• 3D printing
• Vapor deposition techniques
• Welding, several techniques
• Sheet metal crafting
• Water cutting
• Lasering
• Spraying
• Blasting

Our technicians are experienced and highly skilled in the operation of the machinery. From extensive material knowledge they can thoroughly advise you on the dimensioning, shaping and construction of your prototypes.

Meet our experts

Your technical contact

Frank Bakermans 
Technical Assistant Mechanics 
Phone: +31 6 23 69 42 35

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883