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Physical characterization   


One of the strengths of the Material Analysis lab is that it provides access to and knowledge about a wide range of materials and their characterization – whether it is morphological, topographic, chemical or physical information that you require.


Apart from offering a wide range of physical characterization techniques, our ability to correlate information from different sources is what provides added value for our customers. Whether it is the rheological behaviour of material that needs to be optimized for processing or the thermal stability of materials that are used under challenging conditions, we can help.

Application examples:


  • Stress and strain in thin films and bulk materials
  • Dehydration and decomposition of materials and products
  • Characterization of the physical properties and temperature stability of polymers
  • Photo rheology of a polymerization process



Metallography, Mechanical testing, Particle size analysis, Permeability, Physical properties of glass, Rheology, Cross-section preparation and optical microscopy, Specific area of powders, Strain analysis, Thermal Analysis, Thermo-mechanical analysis, XRD

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Glass analysis

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