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Corrosion is an undesirable chemical interaction of a material with its environment.

It can lead to a variety of undesired effects, such as contamination, loss of efficiency, loss of functionality, early product failure, more frequent maintenance or even shutdown of equipment to corrosion failure.

Thus, insights in means to avoid corrosion or reduce the corrosion rate are of vital importance for a mature production process and long product life time.

At Philips Innovation labs, we have the expertise and methods to address your corrosion issues.

Our areas of expertise:

1. Early stage involvement

  • Focus on prevention
  • Check raw materials (composition, outgassing, surface contamination)
  • Advice on product design (galvanic couples, crevices with still water, material selection)
  • Apply coatings, corrosion inhibitors, ...

    2. Lifetime prediction under dedicated conditions
  • Testing and root cause analysis
  • Material corrosion in specific environment
  • Simulate chain of events (resulting in wire break, delamination, reflection loss)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Forensic analysis (in the lab) : microscopy, chemical analysis of rust product and base material, liquids
  • Crime scene investigation (on site) : humidity, chemicals, electrical bias, …
  • Root cause analysis

    3. Consultancy

Typical examples:

  • Stainless steel - aluminium galvanic corrosion
  • Cu oxidation in electrical wiring
  • Scaling and clogging in cooling water circuits
  • Corrosion of the Ag mirror in LEDs

Your technical contact

Marcel Verheijen 
Senior Technologist Advanced Imaging 
Phone: +31 6 21 17 42 27

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883