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Glue characterization methods - application & reliability

In product development many aspects must be taken in account for selection of the right glue. When a promising glue-substrate combination is chosen the real work starts. A process needs to be developed starting with pre-treatment, glue application and curing. These processes can be monitored using various characterization methods. These characterization methods can also be used to identify the degradation processes taking place during the product lifecycle. Knowing the degradation process is key to perform accelerated lifetime testing to predict the reliability of the glue connection.

We offer materials characterization and advice on

  • Glue characterization techniques ((thermal expansion coefficients, viscosity, glass transition temperatures, glue layer thickness, composition,  ..)
  • Glue strength
  • Glue curing: in-situ monitoring of the curing process
  • Degassing of glue during curing or product life
  • Glue degradation processes, e.g. in high humidity environment 

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