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Chemical compatibility   


A lot of products are susceptible to various liquids and gasses in their application, which can lead to rapid degradation or mal-functioning of the device. Our Chemical Compatibility Service supports you in selecting “first time right” sustainable materials in your product design and development cycle(s) based on risk assessment, materials & product testing, and if desired, finding the route cause of the failures. All insights are gathered in an up-to-date database.

The basis for this service is a structured approach comprising of: optimized test set-ups and protocols, extensive testing and collecting the gathered insights in a up-to-date user-friendly database.

The activities can consist of various phases:

  • Materials break down of the product/components and their requirements in the various applications.
  • Identification and categorizing of the chemicals that come into contact with the materials in the product.
  • Risk assessment
  • Test protocol and (chemical) testing
  • Reporting and database management


Your benefits:
One stop shop that supports you in testing and selecting viable materials and alternatives that are applied in an (aggressive) chemical environment.

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Marcel Verheijen 
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Ben Broers
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