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Advanced imaging   

A picture is worth a thousand words! Having a visual image of crucial parts of your materials or products often provides the most direct insight required for further development or solving quality and reliability issues.

However, most of the time the relevant features are not revealed by simple visual inspection. We offer the facilities and expertise for creating and analyzing images, making visible for you what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

With our microscopy and imaging instrumentation we are capable of visualizing structures across length scales from many centimeters to sub-nanometer. The techniques allow us to look at as well as below the surface, either directly or via proper sample preparation. Moreover, you can rely on our experts for spectral imaging, 3D imaging and imaging of various material properties. Several instruments are available for self-service or can be remotely accessed via our virtual lab service.  


Application examples:



FIB, Image processing and analysis, IR imaging, Optical Interferometry, Profilometry, SEM-EPMA, SPM / AFM, TEM, Thermal Imaging / Thermography, X-Ray inspection

Your technical contact

Marcel Verheijen 
Senior Technologist Advanced Imaging 
Phone: +31 6 21 17 42 27

Your general contact

Ben Broers
Business Development Manager
Phone: +31 40 27 48883