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    Philips Innovation labs, part of Philips Lighting, offer a wide range of cleanliness validation services. Through the application of more than thirty-five analytical technologies, we help our customers with contamination control issues as diverse as the analysis of supply gases at ppq-levels to sub-monolayer analysis of wafer surfaces.

    In the field of gas quality measurements, we offer remote analysis services using our Plug-and-Play Trap (PPT). The PPT is an easy-to-use gas sampling kit that is shipped to our customers.

    The sampling is done at-site by the customer according to our tested procedures. After the sampling, the PPT is returned to our central analytical facility where the actual chemical analysis is performed. Depending on whether the customer is interested in determining Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) in pressurized gases or in ambient air, we have two versions of the PPT available. Typical gases that can be determined are NH3 and small amines, SO2, H2S, HF, HCl, NOx, small organic acids, and hydrocarbons: volatiles, non-volatiles and refractories. Detection limits range from the ppb level to, in some cases, sub-ppt.

    However, attainable detection limits and required sampling times can differ strongly for the various gases. We are presently looking into extending the analytical methods underlying our PPT services. In order to focus our attention and help our (prospective) customers best, we would like to hear from you what gas cleanliness issues are most important. More specifically, we would like to learn: which AMCs are most important, what detection limits are required and how long are the typically available sampling times?

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