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    We are Philips Innovation labs

    We are Philips Innovation labs. We are here to help you to improve your products and systems. Needless to say that we love challenges. We start with unraveling your request. What is the essence of the problem?


    Consequently, we choose the methods to thoroughly examine your prototype, product or process. Does it meet its requirements and your expectations? From accurate measurement and testing we come to proper analysis. Placing your system in its context. Does it perform? And over time? Next is consultancy: our advice on how to improve. Getting you to win is what drives us.


    Working with us you are sure you will never miss out on expertise, multiple-angle views and in-depth application knowledge. Ready to use to your advantage. Our 90+ experts (and all experts in our network) can support you either with single requests or with broad and complex problems. In everything we do, we add value by speeding up your innovation, minimizing time-to-market and supporting you in preventing problems.

    Meet our experts

    Our extensive facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art, but it is our people that make the difference. Together we have 1859 years of experience. This means we can combine our testing and analysis-knowhow with in-depth application knowledge. Over the years we have seen numerous problems and added our value to numerous solutions. This gives us an unprecedented edge in product & process development support.

    Frank Bakermans