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We are here to help you improve your products, prototypes and processes. Needless to say that we love challenges. We start with unraveling your request. What is the essence of the problem? 
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Five ready-to-use expert labs

Electromagnetic Compatibility & Wireless Connectivity lab

From workbench and (pre-) compliance to accredited EMC testing, our well-equipped facilities (1,500 m3 test chambers) will suit your needs.

Electronic Design
Services lab

Our EDS Center is completely equipped to support you with the design and management of circuit boards and beyond.

Analysis lab

Tap into our know-how and facilities (more than 35 analytical techniques) to address all your analytical needs.

Reliability lab

Our Reliability Test Center gives easy access to cutting-edge expertise and the latest testing equipment (60 different cabinets).

Prototyping lab

Our prototyping experts support you with the realization of first-of-a-kind components and prototypes. With a broad and deep experience we can deliver quality prototypes fast (sometimes in hours).

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As always people make the company. We thrive on the expertise and passion for technology of our 90+ experts. Together we have 1859 years of experience. Ready to use to your advantage.