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    Beyond our monthly webinars, Signify University also organizes lighting workshops with more educational ambitions. In the past few years, we have been collaborating with local universities and pioneers of light around the world to bring students outstanding experience in learning.


    Our workshops aim to shape your perspective of how lighting design projects can create strong impacts on our life. Young designers, architects and students will be armed with innovative knowledge in Design Lighting, provided by professional lighting designers. Technical trainings on products and software will also be a part of the program, which participants can apply into hand-on exercises during the workshops.


    If you are eager to learn, click the link below for registration:


    Light workshop


    May 23

    Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

    Presented by Stacie M. Dinwiddy


    June 20

    Does word TIMELESS apply to LIGHTING DESIGN?

    Presented by Dean Skira


    Sept. 19

    Facets of Night – A Time-based Place

    Presented by Leni Schwendiger


    Dec. 8

    Deadline for CLUE Competition registrations

    Paul Traynor
    Paul Traynor
    Marlyn Zelkowitz

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