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The Lighting Research Center (LRC)

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the world's leading center for lighting research and education. Established in 1988 by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the LRC has been pioneering research in energy and the environment, light and health, transportation lighting and safety, and solid-state lighting for more than 25 years. LRC researchers are continuously working to develop new and better ways to measure the value of light and lighting systems, such as the effect of light on human health. The LRC believes that by accurately matching the lighting technology and application to the needs of the end user, it is possible to design lighting that benefits both society and the environment.
Philips Lighting North America is an official LRC Partner through their Partnership Program aimed at advancing the effective use of light. Our mutual interest in providing most relevant and up-to-date education in Lighting translates into regular LRC guest performances in various Philips Lighting educational programs such as the Philips Lighting University customer webinars and cross-referencing to LRC education and white papers on subjects complementary to the Philips Lighting University educational offer.

Smart Lighting Engineering Research Centre

The Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center (ERC) founded in 2008 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) is a partnership of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (lead institution), Boston University and the University of New Mexico. Educational outreach partners are Howard University, Morgan State University, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

The Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center (ERC) is developing new technologies and applications for solid-state lighting to improve health, safety, productivity and energy efficiency. The center creates an innovation ecosystem that includes the development of transformative technologies; commercialization paths through industry engagement; and educating a diverse workforce with an entrepreneurial mindset. At the core of the center research and development efforts are smart lighting systems with adaptive and controllable properties that will revolutionize the way society uses lighting. The systems being developed are a holistic integration of advanced light sources, sensors and control and communication subsystems. These components create Smart Lighting Systems that See and Think.


Philips Lighting University and the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center at Rensselaer have recently entered into a partnership for student education on Lighting and Lighting technology, addressing major progress in Lighting technology (LED, OLED and digital) and the unique opportunities that these create.

Penn State

Penn State is a leader in higher education and carries out its mission of teaching, research, and service with pride and focus on the future. As Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, Penn State has a broad mission of teaching, research, and public service. But that mission was not so grandly conceived in 1855, when the Commonwealth chartered it as one of the nation's first colleges of agricultural science, with a goal to apply scientific principles to farming.

Penn State began offering systematic advanced-degree work in 1922 with the formation of the Graduate School. Graduate education and research evolved hand in hand. By 1950 the University had won international distinction for investigations in dairy science, building insulation, diesel engines, and acoustics, and other specialized fields.

Philips Lighting University and Penn State University have recently entered partnership cooperation in student education on Lighting and Lighting technology, addressing major progress in Lighting technology (LED, OLED and digital) and the unique opportunities that these create.

The California Lighting Technology Center

The California Lighting Technology Center is a not-for-profit RD&D facility dedicated to advancing energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies. Part of the Department of Design at the University of California, Davis, the center includes full-scale laboratories for research and development, and it provides instruction to both undergraduate and graduate students of lighting design.
Working in partnership with designers, manufacturers, end users, utilities, government agencies, and others, CLTC conducts prototype and product testing, technology demonstrations and case studies. CLTC also provides resources for applying best practices to lighting design and installation. The center's faculty and staff provide curriculum and instruction for education and training courses, in addition to conducting workshops, seminars and outreach activities.


March 21

Fundamental and Inspirational Light

Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera


April 25

Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

Presented by Linus Lopez


May 23

Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

Presented by Stacie M. Dinwiddy


June 20


Presented by Dean Skira


Dec 8

Deadline for CLUE Competition registrations

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Paul Traynor
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