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Watch this Light Bite series and learn more about creative lighting design


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After watching this Light Bite series, which consists of 8 videos, you will have gained some in-depth knowledge on the different components you could take into account for creative lighting design.


  • Part 1: Form & Direction - Available now

Presenter: Mike Simpson

Creating shadows reveals important information about objects and spaces. We will see how the creation of shadows is an important tool in lighting design.

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  • Part 2: Accents - Available now

Presenter: Mike Simpson

The visual effects achievable in practice are influenced by the level of general lighting present. But exactly how strong is this influence? In this part we will take a look at this, showing examples of different general lighting levels.

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  • Part 3: Designing shadows - Available now

Presenter: Laura Taylor

The art of lighting is much more than simply introducing a light source into a dark space. We enhance the power of light by balancing it with its eternal counterpart: shadow. We can now design shadows to meet our needs and lift our mood.

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  • Part 4: Surfaces - Available now

Presenter: Mayulé O. Torres López

We will explore the interaction between surfaces and light and how this play of elements can tell & reveal a different story by understanding such dialogue.

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  • Part 5: Light & space - Available now

Presenter: Mike Simpson

We will explore how light and patterns can be matched to the architecture of a space by looking at some theories about recognition of shapes. This can inform the way you think about planning a lighting installation.

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  • Part 6: Contrasts - Available now

Presenter: Mayulé O. Torres López

We will explore another communication tool in lighting design: Contrast, the beauty of using and creating differences in brightness or color and how it interacts into the perception of a space.

Click here to view the recording on YouKu


  • Part 7: Color - Available now

Presenter: Luc van der Poel 

We will look at the usage of color in lighting design and also go a bit more in-depth on how using a different color can result in a different emotion of people.

Click here to view the recording on YouKu


Part 8: Glare - Available now

Presenter: Gilles Vissenberg 

What is glare? In this Light Bite we will elaborate on glare and how you can use it to your advantage in lighting design.

Click here to view the recording on YouKu


Presented by:

Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson

Global Application Lead at Philips Lighting


Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor

Design director for innovation at Philips Lighting



Mayulé O. Torres López

Lighting Application Specialist Indoor at Philips Lighting


Luc van der Paul

Luc van der Poel 

Senior Lighting Designer at Philips Design


Gilles Vissenberg

Gilles Vissenberg 

Function Owner Illumination Optics at Philips Lighting


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