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Office lighting:

to The Edge and beyond

Watch the Light Bite trilogy on connected office lighting in The Edge


In this light bite sequence you can explore new frontiers in workplace illumination with smart connected lighting.


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We are pushing the boundaries of lighting innovation with Power-over-Ethernet technology that allows luminaires to be hard-wired to a building’s data infrastructure. The new state-of-the-art office complex The Edge in Amsterdam is much more than a proof of concept: it’s a successful showcase of what smart lighting can achieve, and a harbinger of things to come.


In this Light Bite series Office lighting: to The Edge and beyond, you will see how the different project participants have contributed to and benefitted from the remarkable advances made at this spectacular office site:


     • Part 1, Deloitte:

Takes the point of view of the tenant. It looks at the reasons for choosing a connected office, how the data generated helps manage the premises, and the building’s impact on employee well-being and productivity. Presented by Erik Ubels, CIO at Deloitte Netherlands.


     • Part 2, OVG:

Focuses on the perspective of the real-estate developer. It looks at the drivers for investing in a connected office, the importance of sustainability, and how The Edge has delivered on its “smart” promise. Presented by Jan Hein Tiedema, Managing Director OVG Netherlands.


     • Part 3, Fokkema:

Highlights the standpoint of the interior architect. It explores how connected solutions affect a building’s internal architecture, how to factor in the necessary flexibility, and new design views and skills. Presented by Babette Bouman, interior architect at Fokkema & Partners.


Discover how smart, connected lighting can help transform an office building into a responsive, intimate environment where people can feel good and excel at what they do.


















Presented by:

Erik Ubels
Erik Ubels is CIO at Deloitte Netherlands.
Jan Hein Tiedema

Jan Hein Tiedema is Managing Director at OVG Netherlands.


Babette Bouman

Babette Bouman is an architect at Fokkema & Partners.


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