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Watch the Light Bite trilogy on Supermarket lighting success stories


In this Light Bite sequence, you will discover how new LED innovations are transforming the supermarket retail experience for shop owners and customers alike.

With its low energy usage and long lifetime, LED is a favorite for many retail applications. But more and more lighting designers, installers and end users are discovering the benefits of LED as a form of connected lighting. By adding controls, dynamically fine-tuning the light temperature and incorporating digital solutions, a new world of light is opening up.


In the series Supermarket success stories, you will see how different aspects of LED technology are helping to evolve the lighting in shops into much more than a simply functional source of illumination.


•  In part 1, Using light to save energy, we will explain how in France, Carrefour’s franchisee Provencia achieved dramatic cost reductions by augmenting the LED lighting in its supermarkets and hypermarkets with smart controls.


In part 2, Improving customer experience, we will showcase Carrefour’s hypermarket in Lille, where an LED-based indoor positioning system has enabled a variety of location-based services, for added convenience while shopping.


• In part 3, Enhancing store ambiance, we will show how German retail giant Edeka’s Hamburg location improved its store’s ambiance through innovative lighting, creating a 21st-century retail experience that is sure to delight customers.

Presented by:

Marlene Tisse

Marlene Tisse is Marketing Retail Marketing Director at Philips Lighting France.


Gerben van der Lugt

Gerben van der Lugt is Business Development Leader & Product Manager indoor positioning.


Hartmut Leidreiter

Hartmut Leidreiter is segment manager at Philips Lighting Germany.


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