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Webinar on A new generation of lighting for supermarkets available online


Watch the recording of the webinar hosted by Jella Segers, and learn how advances in lighting technology can create a better supermarket experience for customers and retailers alike.



Philips has pioneered Fresh Food, a suite of lighting technologies that helps to showcase different kinds of foods in the best possible way. And with the StoreWise concept, you can save more than 50% on overall energy costs, using modern LED technology, individual lighting controls and the targeted integration of daylight on the shop floor.


Through the application of an intelligent lighting system that Philips is piloting, retailers can even pinpoint the location of individual shoppers. The system uses intelligent LED in-store lighting to communicate location-based information to shoppers via a smartphone app, which they can opt to download. Customers can then receive customized offers, or be directed to the products on their shopping list. In this way, advanced lighting gives new meaning to personalized shopping.


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Jella Segers is senior marketing director for Retail at Philips Lighting. For her, the cornerstone of successful marketing is the customer experience, with lighting at its core.


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