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Standardized data

for building smarter cities

Watch this webinar to learn about the WCCD, and how the culture of data-driven innovation is key to creating and sustaining smart cities.


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Today, cities generate 70% of global GDP. They’re also home to 53% of the world’s population, with estimates indicating this figure will rise to 70% by 2050. Few would contest that making cities smarter is crucial in shaping a more sustainable future. Over the past two decades, the term ‘smart city’ has become ubiquitous in scientific literature, media and national and international policies. But to design and run smart cities effectively, we need consensus on what makes them smart.


The World Council on City Data (WCCD) is demonstrating that data is the key to benchmarking, attracting investment and identifying opportunities for smart solutions. With globally standardized data, lessons can travel and innovations can spread across departments, disciplines, and cities globally. This has driven the development of the first ISO standard on city metrics: ISO 37120 Sustainable Development of Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life. The WCCD— of which Philips Lighting is a foundation partner— is championing ISO 37120’s global implementation.


Watch this webinar to learn more about the WCCD, and the rapidly growing global network of WCCD ISO 37120 certified cities, committed to a culture of open data-driven innovation and evidence-based decision making via standardized urban metrics. The webinar will showcase a new joint Philips Lighting-WCCD report on the city-wide benefits of smart lighting. It will also help you understand the latest developments in ISO city indicator standards, particularly the new ISO 37122 Standard Indicators for Smart Cities.

Presented by:


Dr. Patricia McCarney


Patricia is President and CEO of the World Council on City Data (WCCD) and Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Global Cities Institute at the University of Toronto, Canada


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