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SmartCitiesWorld webinar   

with City of Cardiff Council

Watch this webinar to hear representatives from SmartCitiesWorld and City of Cardiff Council talk about how installing smart systems helps cities grow and adapt to the future.


The recording link for this webinar is available now.

smart cities world webinar
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The City of Cardiff has taken a major step to becoming a smart city and reducing its carbon footprint by installing more than 14,000 connected LED street lights. The Council has migrated its city lighting management to Philips CityTouch, which now manages over 14,000 Philips Luma LED luminaires via a centralized dashboard. As an open system, Philips CityTouch prepares Cardiff to expand and upgrade when needed – with a solid foundation for building a smart city both today and in the future.


“We have chosen to work with Philips Lighting, as we were confident that they would provide an open platform that is scalable and would give us flexibility for the future. For example, we are planning to work with our partner SAP to give us an overview of our smart city technologies that will help to optimize our operational effectiveness. Ultimately, Cardiff residents will benefit from a more energy-efficient and safer smart city environment”

                Chris Jones, Lead Officer Electrical, City of Cardiff Council


In this latest webinar, you have a unique opportunity to hear about the customer experience first-hand. Listen to Matt Wakelam, Head of Neighbourhood Services at City of Cardiff Council and Melony Rocque, Editor at SmartCitiesWorld, discuss how cities approach their smart city visions. You will learn what has been achieved so far in terms of connected lighting by the City of Cardiff and how their experience compares to the results of a worldwide survey, recently conducted by SmartCitiesWorld and Philips Lighting. 


The survey attempts to understand and identify key attitudes and perceptions around the implementation of a smart city. With more than 150 industry thought leaders participating, the results of the survey help to identify the drivers and obstacles affecting smart city implementation, and how to enable successful, dynamic cities of the future. Find out what they said about:


  • Which city they consider to be the smartest and why
  • The most important factors for delivering a smart city
  • The main barriers to smart city progress
  • How useful smart lighting is for developing a smart city
  • The best people to talk to about smart city development


Presented by:

Matt Wakelam

Matt Wakelam


Matt is the Head of Neighbourhood Services at City of Cardiff Council and is responsible for all infrastructure assets in the city. Matt has over 20 years’ experience of Civil Engineering work and has worked on major projects throughout the UK.



Melony Rocque


Melony is executive editor at SmartCitiesWorld and has over 25 years’ experience as a B2B journalist and editor, specialising in technical innovation and technological change in smart city living.


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Watch the video:


City of Cardiff Council uses smart city lighting to transform residents’ lives


The City of Cardiff Council is transforming the lives of its residents thanks to connected lighting that can be controlled at the touch of a button, evolving as the city’s needs change. Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, senior City of Cardiff Council representatives as well as members of the Cardiff Centre for the Deaf explain more about how lighting is facilitating safety, social inclusion and Cardiff’s smart city vision.

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