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at the scale of cities

Attend this webinar to learn how art can be used to create a communal urban experience in cities and become focal points for civic life.


Live on Oct 25, 2017 at 4:00 PM CET / 10:00 AM EDT




How can we enhance public spaces in cities so that they engage individuals and communities? What can encourage us to slow down and take a moment of pause in our busy lives? Artist Janet Echelman explores these questions in cities across the world; from London, Amsterdam, and Boston, to San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney. Her creations are more than objects to look at – they are living environments viewers can get lost in.


In this webinar, Echelman shares her journey and offers insights to her craft, which combines ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to create monumental, ultra-lightweight art that sways gently with the wind. Her installations seem to live and breathe independently; they encourage passers-by to participate and immerse themselves in the art – inviting viewers to have a personal dialogue and dynamic relationship with both the art and its setting.


Join this webinar to understand the role collaboration plays in Echelman's practice and how she works with a wide team of designers, engineers, city planners, and others to create and coordinate her large-scale sculptures. Hear how Echelman's team uses technology, including custom software tools for soft-body modeling, in addition to developing platforms that facilitate interaction between members of the public and her artwork. Discover how art can be used to create a communal urban experience and become focal points for civic life.

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Presented by:

Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman


Janet Echelman is an artist who creates large-scale moving sculpture, choreographed by wind and light. Her work has earned her the Guggenheim Fellowship and recognition as an Architectural Digest Innovator.



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