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In the Light Bite series, you will explore several remarkable lighting projects worldwide that showcase the new possibilities offered for urban lighting in public spaces.


Part 1 is available for viewing online. Register by clicking the button below in order to receive the video link.


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Søndermarken Park

B+S architecture and lighting

The lighting in people’s homes is very personal. And the light in office, hospitality and retail environments can be tailored to suit the needs of the people who visit or work there. But in public spaces, the lighting is often generic, impersonal and static. Such strictly functional lighting does not reflect the dynamics of human activities in the public realm. Until now.


In the Light for public space series, you will explore several remarkable lighting projects worldwide that showcase the new possibilities offered for urban lighting in public spaces.


In March and April we will present three Light Bites:


Part 1 - Available for viewing online:

A new wave of public lighting designs, focuses on light’s social and urban role. It shows how six key areas of change are helping to activate and revitalize public spaces, transforming light from a fixed entity to a tunable medium. Please register for this Light Bite series in order to receive the video of part 1.


Part 2 - April 9:

A framework for people’s engagement with light, shows how lighting technologies can enable a spectrum of public engagement. Real-time responsive lighting infrastructures will make the urban realm more welcoming, safe and attractive.


Part 3 - April 23:

Light as a resource for cities and citizens, explores the economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects of lighting. These come into play when redesigning a connected and digitally driven city as an inclusive and sustainable place to live.


Our Light Bites will be offered in video format. Those that registered will receive a link to the Light Bites on the dates mentioned above.


Sign up for this series of Light Bites hosted by Susanne Seitinger, and learn how intelligent connected lighting networks can enhance quality of life for cities and their citizens alike.


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Meet your host:


Photo courtesy of Chris Pfaff

Susanne Seitinger 


Susanne is City Innovations Manager at Philips Color Kinetics. Her focus is on the strategic use of programmable lighting to shape inviting, responsive urban neighborhoods.


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November 16

Zen and the Art of Lighting Design

Presented by Peter A. Hugh


November 20

Smart Street Lighting Leadership

Presented by Eric Woods and Barbara Kreissler


December 6

Light in Space

Presented by Maarten Jamin, Vesna Petresin, Gernot Oberfell


January 17

Light Pollution - The Effects on Animals and Humans

Presented by Kamiel Spoelstra, Steven Lockley


February 20

A Fine Dining Experience (The Art of Consulting as a Lighting Designer)

Presented by Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas


March 21

Fundamental and Inspirational Light

Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera

Paul Traynor
Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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