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winners of CLUE Edition 03

Watch this webinar to listen to the next generation of lighting designers, presenting the three top-placing projects from CLUE Edition 03.




CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) runs an annual competition challenging young designers and emerging professionals to develop innovative lighting concepts. CLUE Edition 03 saw 331 entries from 64 countries. An international jury of seven members awarded three prizes to the most creative projects, based on the theme ‘one for light, light for all’.


Spanish duo Helena Trias and Samuel Laguarta will introduce their inspiring entry, WHEELIGHT (3rd prize). WHEELIGHT takes three well-known objects—the wheel, a dynamo and light-emitting diode—and uses them to brighten up the lives of children living in resource-deprived Sub-Saharan regions. Powered by users alone, the WHEELIGHT has the power to bring communities together.


Mina Saadatfard, Zahra Haghi and Hamid Peyro, from Iran, will share their entry, Shape-Shifting Lights (2nd prize). The trio devised a conceptual public installation that changes to suit its users’ needs. A bulky frame hosts a series of fixed and movable shape-shifting lighting panels and sliding furniture, letting users personalize public spaces.


Andras Dankhazi from Ireland will speak about the winning project, Collective Polyphony, which seeks to rejuvenate abandoned coastal walkways with walkable light fixtures that illuminate differently depending on which person touches the control and weather conditions. The ambitious lighting network forms a connection between land, sea and people in true polyphony.







Paul Gregory

3rd Prize - Helena Trias, Samuel Laguarta



2nd Prize - Mina Saadatfard, Zahra Haghi, Hamid Peyro


Andras Dankhazi
1st Prize - Andras Dankhazi

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