Learn about the process of the eye

Did you know that more than 80% of the information we receive from the outside world passes through our eyes? Watch the video and learn more about the functions and properties of the eye and find out how the different cones and rods influence our visual perception.

The lighting design process in a nutshell

Buildings don’t just get built. There is a process by which they first must be designed. The video explains the most important steps of this process including programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents.

Watch this video on lighting vision

The video illustrates the relationship between vision and reception as well as the function of the different photoreceptors within the eye.




A glowing light friend

In this video we will show how we translated a distinct character into a SoftPal, a glowing light friend that accompanies kids during the night, presented by Yves Herremans, design consultant at Philips.

The lighting design process

Watch this video and learn how the design process helps Philips to create an idea into a product for the markets presented by Lieven Verdin, senior design consultant at Philips.

Fascination of light

Watch this video and find out how we capture fascination for light into the physical presence of the luminaire itself, presented by Lieven Verdin, senior design consultant at Philips.