Incandescent and halogen lamps

Watch the video and find out the main differences between incandescent and halogen lamps in terms of life time and the amount of light emitted.

Basics of Lighting Luminaires

What exactly is a luminaire? How can it control the light? Watch the video and learn more about the basics of lighting luminaires.

What is Halogen lighting?

Learn more about how halogen lamps work, the drawbacks and the primary applications of halogen lamps by Dan Blitzer




What is fluorescent?

How does a fluorescent lamp system work? Watch the video and learn more about the operation as well as the components of a fluorescent light delivery system.

What is HID?

Learn more about the HID systems. During the video the operation, benefits and limitations of the high intensity discharge are explained.

Gas Discharge

Watch the video to learn the basic concepts of gas discharge lamps in terms of their types, how they operate and the main differences between them.





The video covers the how does an OLED work and what are the main differences between the OLEDs and LEDs.


Learn more about the LED technology. In this video LED types, availabilities, operation and benefits are explained.

LED explained by Dan Blitzer

Find out more about Dan Blitzer’s explanation how LED replaces older technology, its advantages and the challenges that LED technology brings.