LAC Hospitality

In hotels the main aim is that guests feel welcome and comfortable. Watch this video made in one of our Lighting Application Centers and learn about the role of light in hospitality to make a stay of a guest a memorable experience.

LAC Industry

Good lighting is essential in doing your job and there is still a lot to achieve in industry lighting. This video will show you the impact on production, energy savings and more when having the right light installed at the right place.

LAC Office

The basic requirement for office lighting design is cost. However, lighting designs also need to comply with certain rules and requirements, such as European standards for office lighting. This video will show examples of settings that meet all requirements and how to make workplaces inspiring with light. Also, what kind of light is needed during the day to make people feel comfortable and energized during the day.




LAC Retail

For physical shops, offering customers an unforgettable shopping experience becomes more important. The right lighting solutions allow making interesting and dynamic product presentations to do just that. This video will show how lighting can attract, engage and convert customers.

Philips OLAC 2013

Interested in a virtual tour through our Outdoor Lighting Application Center? Watch this video and get a glimpse of road, street and architectural lighting.

Flicker in outdoor sports

What is flicker and what are the effects of flicker in outdoor sports?




Glare in outdoor sports

What is glare in outdoor sports and how can you avoid it?