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Watch our short video clips and learn more about lighting in less than 5 minutes. The videos are perfectly suited for professionals and students who want to brush up on a given subject and need a quick just-in-time refresher. You will be sure to find something here that will enlighten you.

Watch these short videos to get a clear understanding of electromagnetic waves and spectrum, various types of wave lengths and how to separate wave lengths with a prism.
This series of videos shows all light sources ranging from incandescent to halogen, gas discharge and LED.
These videos explain the basic principles and types of light reflection and absorption, and how refraction works.
Watch these videos to get a clear understanding of the science behind measuring and controlling light, luminous flux, luminance and illuminance.
These videos demonstrate how to calculate the right light levels, payback and return on investment, and explain the lumen method.
Learn about the lighting design process at Philips and how the eye works by watching these videos.
Learn all about the relationship between light and color, from color mixing to rendering and the effects of color temperature and how this varies depending on the light source.
Watch these videos to get a better understanding of the quality and lighting level requirements of lighting for humans, architecture, the environment and economics.
Learn about the relationship between light and the environment and discover the effects of light on the human body.
This series of videos shows the impact of lighting in various applications areas. Watch also the virtual tour through our Outdoor Lighting Application Center.
Watch this video to learn about lighting controls, the components and how to interact with and control the lighting systems.


March 21

Fundamental and Inspirational Light

Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera


April 25

Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

Presented by Linus Lopez


May 23

Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

Presented by Stacie M. Dinwiddy


June 20


Presented by Dean Skira


Dec 8

Deadline for CLUE Competition registrations

Paul Traynor
Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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