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Conversations with Lighting Designers

Forty seven lighting designers have been interviewed in twelve countries across Asia, Europe and America. These lighting designers are famous for their work, considered to be trendsetters and opinion makers. They come from different lighting fields: interior, exterior, art, stage and cinema lighting. The interviews are about the aesthetical and emotional aspects in the field of architectural lighting. Beautiful project pictures illustrate the vision of the lighting designers at hand. Their stories will introduce you to the fascinating world of lighting design.


The book “Light & Emotions, Exploring Lighting Cultures” was already published in 2009 by Philips. After an overwhelming response from designers, architects, engineers, students and the general public all over the world, the 2nd edition of the book is now official. In order to ensure a global availability of the book, we have handed over the re-publication of the book to publishing house Birkhäuser GmbH.

Highlighted stories


The fundamental objective of great lighting design is to provoke an emotional response from the users of buildings and spaces. Discover what independent lighting designers have to say.

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Edited by

Vincent Laganier and Jasmine van der Pol


Birkhäuser GmbH, Basel (Switzerland), January 2011


428 pages, 300 colour photos, Soft cover






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Dec 6

Light BIte: Creative lighting design - part 7

Presented by Luc van der Poel


Dec 6

Webinar: Open systems within smart cities

Presented by Jeremy Green and Peter Zink


Dec 13

Light Bite: Creative lighting design - part 8

Presented by Gilles Vissenberg


Dec 15

Webinar: The training for lighting design

Presented by Andrea Siniscalco, Daria Casciani and Maurizio Rossi


Jan 26

Webinar: The value of visualization tools

Presented by Carlo Ratti


Feb 23

Webinar: Light, Art and Biophilia

Presented by Maja Petric

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Paul Traynor
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