Our approach is not only good for the planet and people, it’s good for profits."


Owen Zacharaisse, Delta Development Group


Find out more from Owen Zachariasse and and Onno Willemse in The greenest developer presentation.


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Connecting people, processes and data together means your network is no longer just an IT service but the foundation for creating a smart building”

  Akshay Thakur, Cisco


Find out more from Akshay Thakur and Onno Willemse in this Delivering smart buildings presentation.


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Using smart connected systems, municipalities can cut their energy cost by half to two thirds”


Nancy Clanton, Clanton & Associates Lighting Design and Engineering


Find out more in our Connected lighting in smart cities discussion with Nancy Clanton and Susanne Seitinger.


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The integration of lighting and
illumination with projection
and data to create virtual skylights
and windows can have a huge
impact on our wellbeing”


Robert Karlicek, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center


Find out about the future with Robert Karlicek and Marc de Samber in our New technology trends and the impact on LED luminaires presentation.


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May 24

Webinar: Lighting design within media architectures

Presented by Thorsten Bauer


June 22

Webinar: The Power of Light - Going Beyond Illumination

Presented by Brett Andersen



Light Bite: Lighting in Latin America and the cultural differences

Presented by Antonio Garza (President of IES Mexico Section)


Sep 28

Webinar: A New Age for Smart Cities

Presented by Jennifer Belissent


Oct 16

Webinar: The Abu Dhabi Story: Sustainable Lighting Strategy to Regional Policy in 6-Years

Presented by Martin Valentine


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Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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