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The shape of lighting to come: 

IoT real-time data for co-creation

Round table debate on ‘The shape of lighting to come: IoT real-time data for co-creation


A collaboration between the Lighting University and Luminous magazine.


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real time

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Click Here to listen to the key findings from the Pioneers of light debate about IoT by some visionary architects and lighting designers and get a better understanding of how real-time data will impact proto-typing and co-creation.

In this episode, moderator : Paul James, Editor in Chief, arc magazine, will have an exclusive round table, discussing on IoT real-time data for co-creation with visionary architects and lighting designers.


After viewing this recording you will:


  • Have a better understanding of how real-time data will impact proto-typing and co-creation
  • Have insight into key stakeholders in the evolution of IoT real-time data for co-creation?
  • See what the opportunities and threats are from IoT-generated data and what implications there will be on privacy
  • Learn about the human-centric lighting potential from real-time data for co creation
  • Learn about the benefits of co-creation, in relation to real-time data and how the panel sees this developing in the lighting industry in the future


Press review

Click Here to view the Issue 103 of arc magazine April/May 2018




Paul James

Paul James

Editor in Chief

Arc magazine



Pierre-Yves Panis

Head of Philips Lighting Design 

Philips Lighting


Francesco Anselmo

Lighting Designer



David Ghatan



Lighting designer

CM Kling & Associates


Simone Maschi   

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


Last year, the Lighting University partnered with Luminous magazine to set up an innovative series of discussion webinars that considered lighting design’s future, starting with:



In continuation, we will feature more interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting.


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