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Burlington                Co-Create Session

Burlington            Co-Create        Session



Listen to Lighting Designers and Artists to find out more about their passions on lighting architecture.

Burlington Co Create

Eight lighting professionals are sharing their vision on what lighting architecture could do more in the future and how technology has influenced their work. 


Listen to each of them as they are sharing their areas of specialty and the achievements they are most proud of. You’ll get the chance to hear their main sources of inspiration.



Our Guests:

Artist Bill FitzGibbons has fabricated sculpture for over thirty years; during his career he has completed over 30 public art projects and performances in five countries. The Texas State Legislature announced FitzGibbons as the Offical State Artist, during the 82nd  Legislative Session in 2012. With an environmentaly consicious approach to public art FitzGibbons has enbraced the use of computrized LED lighting systems.


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Bill FitzGibbons
Bill FitzGibbons

Grimanesa Amoros is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the field of social history, scientific research and critical theory. Through her art, she conveys a sense of ephemeral wonder, entrancing viewers from all different backgrounds and communities. She inspires others to become agents of empowerment. Grimanesa makes use of sculpture, video and lighting to create works that illuminate our notions of personal identity and community.


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Grimanesa Amoros
Grimanesa Amoros

Garou Blancan has a true passion for architectural and production lighting design. Currently he works with XYZ Cultural Technology as a Project Manager and has been a part of major projects such as the Rouyn-Noranda City Hall, the Geopark in Perce, the City Walk in Dubai and the feast in Lele and Old Laina in Hawaii. Garou's work has been mentioned in Mondo Arc, Professional Lighting and Production and Stage Design magazines. He won first place at the prestegious Martin Professional Young Lighting Design International Contest in 2014.


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Garou Blancan
Garou Blancan

Claudia's passion for light and her constant search for new creative ways to use light to communicate and link with the people moved her to create an independent design practice. She is recognized by her unique projects integrating light, art, technology and interaction to the architecture and landscapes to create emotions in people. Her career has been internationally highlighted with awards and talks about her work in several countries.


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Stay tuned for more to come as we will enable the other interviews on short notice

Claudia Paz
Claudia Paz
Janet Echelman is an artist who defies categorization. Her work intersects across the boundaries of Sculpture, Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, Material Science, Structural and Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science. She creates experimental sculpture at the scale of buildings that transform with wind and light. The art shifts from being an object to look at, to a living environment you can get lost in.
Janet Echelman
Marc Largent, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Magic Monkey is a leader and innovator in monumental architectural lighting installations. Marc has always been motivated by the creation of new large-scale urban installations to touch and surprise audiences to the great benefit of his clients. From early image projections on buildings to fully integrated architectural lighting and video displays on high rises, Marc has always pushed the boundaries of traditional art and media perceptions.
Marc Largent
Marcelo Coelho is a Brazilian/American computation designer working on objects, installations and live experiences. His work explores the boundaries between matter and information, fundamentally expanding and enhancing the ways in which we interact and communicate. Marcelo's work has been exhibited in places such as the Rio 2016 Paralympics Ceremonies and The Corcoran Gallery of Art. He is also a Lecturer at MIT and Head of Designs at Formlabs. Prior to his practice, Marcelo Coelho received a Doctorate from the MIT Media Lab.
Marcelo Coelho
Al Borden is a Principal and a Founder of The Lighting Practice. With a background in theatre lighting for a variety of theatre groups, dance troups and rock bands, Al has more than thirty years of experience in architectural lighting design. He founded The Lighting Practice in 1989 to create a place where like - minded designers could work in a collaborative envoirnment dedicated to design excellence and client service.
Al Borden
Al Borden

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Paul Traynor
Paul Traynor
Marlyn Zelkowitz

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