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Associate Certification

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After becoming a Lighting Essentials certified you may move one level up by becoming a Lighting Associate certified.



Lighting Associate

The Science of Lighting

This eBook talks about the nature and behavior of lighting. It provides a basic knowledge of light and lighting, and so is a must-read for those working as professionals in the field of lighting. The videos present in the eBook will give you a better understanding of the topic.


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Connecting LEDs

This guide throws light on the various aspects of LEDs. It talks about its construction, usage, advantages and disadvantages, and a lot more. Though it does not get into the full technicalities of LEDs, it does offer a basic understanding of their functionalities.


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Lighting Hardware

In this book you will find all light sources ranging from incandescent to halogen, gas discharge and LED.


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Systems Videos

It is important to know the different IT terminologies used in the lighting system to understand the topic better. The short videos here cover the IT terminologies that are being used in lighting systems in different segments.

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This level will take more time to prepare as well as a more extensive certification test. In this test, you will have to answer 60 questions in 60 minutes (a minute per question).

You need 80% or above to pass. If you fail the test, the feedback will show you which areas you will have to improve upon.

Please go through the courses - eBook, videos for more background information.

We wish you success.


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March 21

Fundamental and Inspirational Light

Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera


April 25

Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

Presented by Linus Lopez


May 23

Transcending the Bowl - Stadium lighting beyond the field

Presented by Stacie M. Dinwiddy


June 20


Presented by Dean Skira


Dec 8

Deadline for CLUE Competition registrations

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Paul Traynor
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