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RIBA accredited material

Take the course: A people centric Approach to lighting

This course focusses on light and healthcare. It talks about impacts of light on human health and a few applications where light influences the wellbeing of a person in the context of design. It emphasizes on comfortable lighting, mood assessments, office lighting, light in schools and more.


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Take the course: Light and architecture

The aim of this presentation is to think about light and lighting in a broad way and as an integral part of architecture. It is too often referred to in terms of only ‘’lux’’ and from lighting manufacturers in terms of products. Light in architecture is very much an art and science.


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LED lighting

Currently used for many applications we will consider how LED has will fundamentally change the way we design architecture. LEDs are transforming the nature of lighting by opening up new possibilities for how and where artificial light is used to enhance the human experience.

Outdoor lighting

This Outdoor lighting: A holistic approachThis CPD presentation brings together in one place all the main applications of light in the outdoor domain from architectural to major sports venues. It aims to break down the lines between each field and think about light as a way to cross architectural boundaries in a holistic way.


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Innovative Office lighting

As the realm of the office becomes a much more fluid notion, it is important to consider “Innovative Approaches to Office Lighting” to ensure that any lighting we design for an office space is advancing in parallel. The objective of the presentation is to consider different approaches to lighting an office, not in the traditional sense but design ideas based on the influences and aspirations of today’s office occupants.

Light as a selling tool in retail

It is already known that light has the potential to bring theatre to retail. In a tough economic world this presentation shows how light when implemented in the right way can help provide measured increases in retail performance in terms of attraction, engagement and conversion of shoppers.


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PLDA approved material

Colour measurement methods  


With the increasing use of LED light it is not getting simpler, particularly as the methods often currently used to assess the performance of LED are based on conventional light sources. The presentation reviews key parts of the huge colour subject and then clarifies what is being currently proposed in international standardization committees to bring greater reality to the assessment of LED colour performance.



Nov 23

Webinar: Towards Dynamic environments

Presented by Tapio Rosenius


Dec 14

Webinar: The Design of Integration: Pitfalls and Possibilities

Presented by Zachary Suchara


Jan 25

Webinar: Lighting for Visual Performance, Circadian Health and Safety in Older Adults

Presented by Mariana Figueiro


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Paul Traynor
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