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Step 1: Get the first impression


Look around and take a note of the following key points


small storage1

Room elements


  • Luminaires properly positioned between elements? (for a good vertical illuminance.)
storage 2


  • Any lighting controls installed?
  • If so, are users satisfied?
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Illuminance requirements


  • Enough light to provide good visibility in all areas?





Car park diagram

Step 2.1: Check the current lighting


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November 16

Zen and the Art of Lighting Design

Presented by Peter A. Hugh


November 20

Smart Street Lighting Leadership

Presented by Eric Woods and Barbara Kreissler


December 6

Light in Space

Presented by Maarten Jamin, Vesna Petresin, Gernot Oberfell


January 17

Light Pollution - The Effects on Animals and Humans

Presented by Kamiel Spoelstra, Steven Lockley


February 20

A Fine Dining Experience (The Art of Consulting as a Lighting Designer)

Presented by Dr. Emrah Baki Ulas


March 21

Fundamental and Inspirational Light

Presented by Enrique Garcia-Carrera

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Paul Traynor
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