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ABT Car parking level progress application bundle 1

Step 6.3: Dedicated application bundle

Movement detector LRM1032 placement

  • Take into account high furniture as these may block detection zone
  • Do not position close to air ventilation, curtains or heating outlet, as air flow can trigger motion sensor
  • Do not position too close to a door, as sensor might detect motion outside when door open
  • In positioning sensor, keep in mind it detects motions best when right in front of it (90 degrees)
  • When placing the sensor consider the entrances to avoid going into a dark area (detection range!)
In this lighting design 1 sensor is placed on the wall. When opening the door the sensor detects the movement.

Detection coverage diagram




Presence detector LRM1032 specification grid

Detecting range at 0.8 - 1.5 m height
8 m
Recommended mounting height
1.2 m
Switch off delay
10 sec. - 30 min (10 settings)
Number of luminaires on one control
≤ 10
Ordering (EOC) code
44225800 LRM1032 3w
44227200 LRM1033 2w (retrofit)
Movement detector LRM1032



Step 7: Tune your offer with TCO


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