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Getting Started


To get started, simply click next at the bottom of the page. Each step, as listed below, will unlock as you progress through the module. 


Step 1 - Get the first impression

Step 2 - Check the current lighting

Step 3 - Check state of installation

Step 4 - Picture your customer

Step 5 - Show the difference

Step 6 - Dedicated application

Step 7 - Tune your offer with TCO


At the end of the training, don't forget to fill in your details to receive your certificate of completion.


Restroom icon

What is important to remember

  • Restrooms are small spaces that are sometimes slippery, therefore occupants want to and have to be able to see well at all times.
  • When entering a restroom area, occupant shouldn’t have to look for the light switch or wait for the light to gain its full strength.
  • Light doesn’t have to be on all the time so intelligent sensors would have to make sure the light switches are on as soon as the occupant enters and off again when occupant leaves - for extra convenience and substantial energy savings.



Step 1: Get the first impression


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