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ABT Car parking level progress application bundle 1


Step 6.3: Dedicated application bundle


Presence detector LRM1032 placement


  • Take into account closed toilet blocks and furniture in the restroom as these may block detection zone
  • When positioning sensor, keep in mind it best detects motion when it occurs right in front of it (90 degrees).
  • Do not position close to air ventilation, curtains or heating outlet, as air flow can trigger motion sensor.


In this lighting design 1 sensor is placed on the wall. When opening the door the sensor detects the movement. All the luminaires will be switched on when entering the restroom.


Restroom map

Detection coverage diagram

Movement detector LRM1032

Detecting range at 0.8 - 1.5 m height
8 m
Recommended mounting height
1.2 m
Switch off delay
10 sec. - 30 min. (10 settings)
Number of luminaires on one control
≤ 10

Step 7: Tune your offer with TCO


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