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Lighting in

small car parks

ABT Car parking level progress application bundle 1

Step 6.1: Dedicated application bundle




Take a 360⁰ tour of our car park with CoreLine installation



  • Meets/exceeds European car park lighting standards
  • Long life span which results in low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install, replacing the existing luminaire
  • No hazardous substances
  • Low energy consumption which brings up to 80% energy savings: 43% luminaire & 70% additional saving due to sensor

                - Assumptions: 
                  Conventional luminaires are on 12hrs on 7 days per week 
                  LED + control delay time 15 min.
                  70% reached at night when there is no traffic in a small residential car parks

CoreLine waterproof luminaire LED405

CoreLine waterproof LED405

Movement detector LRM1040

Movement detector LRM1040





Step 6.2: Dedicated application bundle


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