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Lighting in


ABT Car parking - Level 4

Step 4: Picture your customer


Interests, concerns and how to react






Customers  who are reluctant to invest and are focused on price and pay-back.



Focus on numbers. Use Total Cost of Ownership to show payback and energy saving.



Even light distribution


Customers sensitive to better lighting – for industrial spaces, lighting should support productivity and safety.


Highlight the high quality characteristics of the LED luminaires (non-glare, high CRI, water- and shockproof, etc.) as well as the fact that suggested lighting plans have been created by experts in lighting application, optimal for the comfort of the personnel who work in the facility.




Luminaire on


Customers afraid of innovation, not sure what new technology is and whether it has longevity.


Explain Philips LED Lighting and controls are already proven technology. Emphasize warranty, service and brand image.




LED luminaire


Customers hungry for new technology and novelties, driven towards sustainable solutions.


Application Bundles are combining high quality LED luminaires with the latest sensor technology into a specific solution for a specific spaces.





Step 5: Show the difference


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