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Getting Started


To get started, simply click next at the bottom of the page. Each step, as listed below, will unlock as you progress through the module. 


Step 1 - Get the first impression

Step 2 - Check the current lighting

Step 3 - Check state of installation

Step 4 - Picture your customer

Step 5 - Show the difference

Step 6 - Dedicated application

Step 7 - Tune your offer with TCO


At the end of the training, don't forget to fill in your details to receive your certificate of completion.

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What is important to remember

  • Low bay halls have ceilings up to 4 meters high and for this application type we are not considering large manufacturing/storage halls.
  • They can be used for a variety of activities (manufacturing, storage and logistics) and conditions can be very different (hot/cold, dry/humid, dusty /clean, shocks/vibrations).
  • Often operational 24/7, the presence of the occupants changes over course of day.
  • Light level and quality are essential for worker productivity and safety. Maintenance down-time need to be minimized as well.



Step 1: Get the first impression


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