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Lighting in


ABT Car parking level progress application bundle 1

Step 6.2: Dedicated application bundle


CoreLine Surface-mounted luminaire placement



To meet European lighting standard for office (assumed ceiling height 3.0 m):


  • Ensure 2.4 m spacing between center of luminaires positioned in a row
  • Ensure maximum 3.4 m spacing between a row of luminaires


For deviating spaces, please consult your nearest Philips lighting sales office.

Floor plan

CoreLine Surface-mounted LED34S VAR-PC

SM120V LED34S/830 W20L120 VAR-PC 
SM120V LED34S/840 W20L120 VAR-PC
31 W
Luminous Flux
3400 lm
Color temperature
3000 K, 4000 K
Color Render Index
≥ 80
50,000 hours
Number of luminaires on MCB 16A type B
≤ 24


Step 6.3: Dedicated application bundle


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