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ABT Car parking level progress application bundle 1

Step 6.5: Dedicated application bundle


CoreLine downlight luminaire placement



General lighting with CoreLine downlight


  • Downlights are placed to create a general illuminance above the workbench and in the remaining customer area.
  • Light sources in the store should also provide illuminance on the walls. To that end, the offset from the walls should not exceed 1.20 m and ideally be 90 cm.
  • Brightly lit walls would not only clearly communicate that the store is open but also make the store appear cleaner and more spacious.

CoreLine Downlight LED20S

DN130B LED20S/ 830 PSU PI6 WH
22 W
Luminous flux
2100 lm
Color temperature
3000 K
Color Render Index
≥ 80
50,000 hours
Number of luminaires on MCB 16A type B
≤ 15
Cut-out diameter
200 - 205 mm

Step 7: Tune your offer with TCO


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