Lighting in




Consistency of the light level from place to place throughout the lighted area.



Car park diagram


  • In an office it is important that there are no disturbing shadows falling on your desk. In a car park you don’t want to have dark corners.
  • To correctly measure the uniformity, you need to measure at every point on the grid (of the space) and determine the average light level.
  • When you divide the minimum light level that you have measured on the grid with the average light level, you get a number between 0 and 1. This number is communicated as the ‘Light Uniformity’ Uo. The lower the value, the more contrast you experience in the space.
Car park diagram



  • To get a rough indication on the uniformity measure at key points of dedicated space.
  • Additionally, simply observe the area to see if there are a lot of shadows on the floor and walls or dark corners.



Car park diagram

Good uniformity on floor > 0.4 Low light contrasts on floor

Car park diagram

Poor uniformity on floor < 0.4 High light contrasts on floor




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