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ABT Car parking - Level 3

Step 3: Check state of installation


Ask a few key question


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How old is current lighting installation?


To make the customer aware of age of the current lighting and thereby opening them up to consider an upgrade (now).

Since older installations are often less energy efficient, application bundle is a solution which brings up to 60% energy savings. Also LED lighting has a longer life time and therefore needs less maintenance.

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Was it recently (or ever) checked to meet lighting standards?


If it was never checked (or checked a long ago) there is a chance it does not (or no longer) meet the minimum requirements according to standards.

If the values are not meeting the minimum, this can have impact on perception of products and image of the shop. Butcheries should be clean, hygienic and lighting should help to prevent meat discoloration.


Are you happy with the current lighting situation? Is there enough light to do the work (e.g. preparation area)?


To make the customer aware of what could be improved. For example, work areas should have minimum of 300lux coming from task lighting.

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Do you think your products look optimal? Does the meat look fresh and appealing?


To make them aware /open for Philips FreshMeat solution. This solution ensures clean, hygienic, cozy/warm experience the whole day.


Step 4: Picture your customer


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